TiVo Completes The Evening TV Dinner: Adds Domino's Pizza Ordering

Ahh...digitally controllable TV, and the chance of fresh tasty pizza: That's what TiVo and Dominos Pizza are now offering. Broadband-connected TiVo users will be able to order pizza for delivery or pick-up (though that'd involve leaving the comforting hug of your sofa's cushions...crazy!) and then can even track the… » 11/17/08 8:30am 11/17/08 8:30am

Front Door Storage, Convenience for the Forgetful

What's the key to never losing your keys? One way is to always keep them in the same place, preferably somewhere near your door. This polished aluminum storage design concept by Lee Stanlier makes that easy, and not only includes plastic hooks for keys but a ledge for your cellphone, parking spaces for coats and hats,… » 3/26/07 12:30pm 3/26/07 12:30pm