SeamlessWeb Creates Nuclear Food Option for Laziest People on the Planet

Here is a sad fact about my life: I order a disgusting, vile, shocking amount of internet delivery food. Like even if I were trapped in a block of concrete, it'd still be excessive. Which is why I need this. » 6/16/11 9:40pm 6/16/11 9:40pm

TiVo Completes The Evening TV Dinner: Adds Domino's Pizza Ordering

Ahh...digitally controllable TV, and the chance of fresh tasty pizza: That's what TiVo and Dominos Pizza are now offering. Broadband-connected TiVo users will be able to order pizza for delivery or pick-up (though that'd involve leaving the comforting hug of your sofa's cushions...crazy!) and then can even track the… » 11/17/08 8:30am 11/17/08 8:30am

Front Door Storage, Convenience for the Forgetful

What's the key to never losing your keys? One way is to always keep them in the same place, preferably somewhere near your door. This polished aluminum storage design concept by Lee Stanlier makes that easy, and not only includes plastic hooks for keys but a ledge for your cellphone, parking spaces for coats and hats,… » 3/26/07 12:30pm 3/26/07 12:30pm

Mariott Begins Tests on Smartphone Check-In

Mariott is testing a system that will be very helpful for all of the business travelers out there. The new system allows room check-in, room changes, rate confirmation and welcome information all via smartphone. No need to wait in endless lines so some scummy kid can give you a key. Complete all of the information… » 8/16/06 5:14pm 8/16/06 5:14pm

Just Two More: AC Adapter Splitter

If you have a tangle of cables that looks like a spaghetti bowl under your desk and you've used up all of the outlets on your power strip—we know the feeling—this $16 AC adapter splitter will give you two more receptacles. That might be just enough to keep you from needing another power strip. And we heard you were… » 6/05/06 8:47am 6/05/06 8:47am

Xipper CD/DVD Jewel Case Opener

How many times have you come home from the local retailer with a shrink-wrapped CD or DVD only to work yourself into a fit of rage when you can't get the packaging open without pulling a muscle? If you answered "several times," even if you're just fibbing for the sake of this article, perhaps the Xipper will save you… » 5/31/06 1:59pm 5/31/06 1:59pm