An Ode to the Eerie Charm of Convenience Stores At Night

Convenience stores are many things to many people: a Slurpee-filled oasis on a long road trip; a late-night hang-out for thirsty teens hoping to bum some beers in the parking lot; somewhere to grab some Cheetos, because Cheetos. But no matter where you are, after hours the artificial glow of these things is like an… »3/13/14 7:40pm3/13/14 7:40pm


Pennycam Captures Convenience Store Thieves, Penny Pinchers

I know how it is with you man-you see that "Take-a-Penny, Leave-a-Penny" tray and it is all "take, take, take!" Well your days of penny pinching are over now that SteathVue has developed their Pennycam. What they have done is to embed a security camera inside the tray that relays upward angled video to a DVR using a… »6/23/08 5:40pm6/23/08 5:40pm