Windows 7 Will Run Fully Accelerated Graphics From Your CPU

Adding to the already impressive pile of Vista-deflating features we're expecting to see in Windows 7 is WARP, a tech which will allow your PC's CPU to act as a graphics accelerator, possibly doing away with the need for integrated graphics hardware to render user interfaces and low-end games. Not-so-seductively… »12/01/08 8:30am12/01/08 8:30am

Philips Luxe Bluetooth MP3 Player Is Simultaneously Bare-Bones and Feature-Packed

The sparkly, diamond-esque Philips Luxe mp3 player is a tale of contradictions. On the one hand, it's an mp3 player with a mere 2GB of memory, a scant 10 hours of battery life, a one-line LCD screen, and an expected price of around $90. On the other hand, it's a feature-packed Bluetooth 2.1 headset, providing 100… »10/25/08 3:00pm10/25/08 3:00pm

Gemalto Converges Two Things You Shouldn't: Adds DVD Track to SIM Card

Now the credit-card sized plastic thing that cellphone SIM units are shipped in can carry the cellphone's associated data files, thanks to Gemalto's DVD-SIM "Smart Video Card." In the name of convergence (and possibly environmental friendliness) the company is making the cards for the Italian operator Wind, where the… »9/15/08 9:15am9/15/08 9:15am

Retromodo: Microsoft Takes a Few Steps Back With "The Veda" Computing System

While The Veda concept is a fairly new idea out of Microsoft's R&D labs, the design itself looks as though it was picked out of a time capsule sealed in the mid '90's. Apparently, the Veda can be used as a phone when the screen is closed, as a multimedia player when the screen is open, and as a normal portable PC by… »6/16/08 7:00pm6/16/08 7:00pm

Couple-It Handset Takes a More Practical View on Convergence

When it comes to convergence, the trend these days is to cram all sorts of functionality into a single device—even if those functions seem to be massively impractical given the limitations of current technology. However, a UK based design firm named Alloy has taken a more practical approach with their Couple-IT… »2/19/08 5:20pm2/19/08 5:20pm

Evergreen Genius Navigator 365: It's a Mouse! It's a Gamepad! It's a Gamemousepad!

Evergreen's new Genius Navigator 365 is described by the English translation of Impress as "a USB gamepad deformed laser mouse", and we couldn't agree more. The mouse is 1600dpi, the gamepad has eight buttons and a D-pad, and it sells for $33 (¥3,499). Be warned, of course, that you get what you pay for. [Impress]
»2/08/08 11:16am2/08/08 11:16am

Nintendo DS Picking Up Information, TV Programming Functions

Looking to expand the DS's base even further beyond casual gamers in its plan for world domination, according to the WSJ, Nintendo's going to roll in some not-so-game-y info-oriented functions, like a TV programming feature for the Japanese market that will let users "check television listings, run searches by keyword… »10/30/07 3:40pm10/30/07 3:40pm