The Converted for iOS: A Conversion App That Gives You Context

While this generally goes unsaid, the internet has become a huge crutch—but more than that, we're pretty much blind without it. What do you do when you need to convert meters to feet? Hit a few buttons on your keyboard and bam, Google tells you all you need to know. But the thing is, you're not really gaining anything… » 8/28/13 6:00pm 8/28/13 6:00pm

How to Digitize Your Vinyl Collection

Your LP collection may be the coelacanth of storage mediums, but it is often a repository of tracks and titles that you simply can't get anywhere else. Here's how to digitize your wax-platter music, and finally drag the last remnants of your analog life into the 21st Century. » 7/14/12 11:00am 7/14/12 11:00am

Team Doubles Efficiency of Thermoelectric Material: Good News for Car…

Scientists at Ohio State University have taken a thermoelectric material that's been used for decades to power deep-space probes, and worked out how to double its efficiency. That's good news: thermoelectrics convert heat directly into electrical energy. By catching exhaust heat, the new material may allow car… » 7/25/08 5:24am 7/25/08 5:24am

CyberLink Uses ATI Card To Transcode Four 1080p Video Files…

The fashionable thing these days is to take the tremendous processing power of graphics cards and put them to use when you're not utilizing them to render games. CyberLink, for one, has come up with a pretty ingenous method to take an ATI or NVIDIA card (in their case, the demo was on an ATI Radeon 4850 512MB card)… » 6/26/08 6:00pm 6/26/08 6:00pm

USB Cassete Archiver Converts Your Embarrassing Analog Music Into…

Have a collection of old cassette tapes lying around? Thanks to this USB Cassette Archiver you can kick out the old school jams once again in full digital glory on your MP3 player. Format conversion is a simple matter of installing the software on your PC or Mac and connecting the archiver via USB. I'm not sure how… » 10/23/07 8:35pm 10/23/07 8:35pm

iPhone Video Conversion

[Rewritten by BL 7/15/07] So far, software king of free DVD ripping, Handbrake, has yet to come out with an iPhone preset, but the iPod one works fine. And remember that Handbrake works on copy protected discs, too. » 7/05/07 10:11pm 7/05/07 10:11pm

M2Convert Converts DVDs, DivX To Zune

For the seven of you who were unlucky enough to get a Zune this Christmas, you're probably dying to watch some video on its large-sized screen. Too bad, since the Zune only takes a certain type of video files, namely WMV and M4V. M2 Solution's M2 Convert is supposed to help you convert both DVDs and most video and… » 12/27/06 5:05pm 12/27/06 5:05pm

Railz: Convert Skateboard to Skiboard

It won't be long before the snow starts falling, and then it'll be time to convert that skateboard to a slope-gobbling four-runner skate ski-board. Do it with Railz, four metal-edged skis that replace the wheels on your favorite skateboard, converting it for downhill skiing in a snap. The conversion kit is $50. » 8/30/06 3:45pm 8/30/06 3:45pm