Photograph-to-Digital-Picture Converter Sounds A Lot Like "Scanner"

Goofy gadget masters Hammacher Schlemmer are back at it again with a Photograph-to-Digital-Picture Converter that takes your old paper snapshots, and well, digitizes them. Now we know what you're thinking—isn't this just a scanner with a more complicated name?—and at first, I was inclined to agree. But digging deeper… » 4/22/08 3:30pm 4/22/08 3:30pm

XCM VGA Box Makes Your Wii/PS3/PS2/Xbox VGA Compatible

This VGA Box sits between your console and your TV/Monitor in order to convert component video into VGA. This is useful for say, the Wii and PS3 that only have component but not VGA outputs, and will convert 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. It should work on most TVs and monitors supporting VGA input, and will cost you… » 6/15/07 11:50am 6/15/07 11:50am