Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro: Yes, The Hinge is a Giant Watchband

The backflipping Lenovo Yoga singlehandedly made laptops cool again. The Yoga 2 Pro added a backlit keyboard and a brilliant 3200 x 1800 QHD screen. Now, Lenovo's going for broke with the third generation of its transforming touchscreen machine. Not only is the new $1,349 Yoga 3 Pro thinner and lighter, it has a… » 10/09/14 4:30pm 10/09/14 4:30pm

Lenovo X60t Reviewed: Tough as a Tablet Can Get

It's not often you'll see a Tablet PC get the royal treatment, but that's precisely what the folks over at Notebook Review did to welcome the much-anticipated
Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC. Weighing in at 3.8 pounds, the 12-incher can be fitted with Core Duo or Core Solo processors. It's got three flavors of wireless… » 11/14/06 3:50pm 11/14/06 3:50pm