LG's KP500 Cookie Entry-Level Touchscreen Smartphone Gets $230 Price Tag

LG's upcoming KP500 smartphone is aimed at the entry-level end of the smartphone market, which kinda tallies with its cute-ish codename of Cookie. With quad-band GSM, GRPS/EDGE, a 3-inch touchscreen, accelerometer, Bluetooth, FM radio and 3MP camera, it doesn't sound too low end—until you learn that it'll only record… » 10/20/08 6:15am 10/20/08 6:15am

Reveal Projects Gently Moving Shadows, Looks Real

Professional lighting designers know about throwing a pattern of light on a wall, using what they call a cookie (cucalorus), a metal pattern slipped into a holder just next to the projected light. Now, Reveal projects a stationary pattern of a window onto the wall, and it also makes a shadow of trees move as if… » 2/12/07 12:12pm 2/12/07 12:12pm