Here's how golden goop turns into fortune cookies

How do they get those quippy fortunes inside a fortune cookie? It starts with a goop which gets baked and perforated while still hot. The paper fortune is placed on top of the hot cookie which is then permanently folded to its infamous shape with robot hands, trapping the promises of one's future until someone makes… » 7/01/14 11:10pm 7/01/14 11:10pm

Oreo Fed Me Strange Cookie-Concocted Recipes And I Didn't Die

Traditionally, you'd eat an Oreo straight of the box, or sometimes very recently dipped in a glass of milk. The people at Oreo felt the need to show that their cookie is more diverse than that, however, so they put it in a bunch of weird recipes and made me eat the result in order to prove something about the future.… » 4/14/14 12:00pm 4/14/14 12:00pm

This McDonald's burger and fries combo is actually made from cookies

Few things are better than eating a burger and fries, even if it comes from McDonald's. This might qualify though: a full McDonald's meal—burger, fries, coke—made completely out of cookies. Everything is somehow a cookie! Made by a Twitter user's sister who's presumably a master baker, it's pretty incredible work. I… » 3/18/14 9:51pm 3/18/14 9:51pm

The best dessert ever is a shot of milk inside a glass made of cookie

The tastebud teaser Dominique Ansel, he's the master pastry chef who created the Cronut, has come up with another dessert so brilliant that the Internet is salivating at the mere picture of it and wondering why it didn't exist before: a chocolate chip cookie milk shot. As in a shot of milk inside a "glass" that's… » 3/05/14 7:35pm 3/05/14 7:35pm

You can bake cookies from the cookie dough of cookie dough ice cream

Well, well, well. Isn't this good to know? Turns out, you can strain all the ice cream out of cookie dough ice cream and use its dough to bake cookies. Surprise! It's actually cookie dough! It's not just factory made cookie flavoring made to make you crave ice cream more (even if it still is all that). » 2/07/14 9:21pm 2/07/14 9:21pm

A genius guy invented the perfect machine to make a single cookie

Here's the thing about chocolate chip cookies: they're delicious. Here's another thing: unless you're a professional baker maestro who bakes a batch everyday and tweaks their cookie recipe after every time to adjust the flavor, it's going to be hard to come up with the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's a… » 1/13/14 8:30pm 1/13/14 8:30pm

The Greatest Innovation in Oreo Dunking Since Milk

Oreo might be trying to push its snack-sized mini cookies with this utterly brilliant way to dunk, but there's no reason this hack can't work with full-sized Oreo cookies as well—or any reasonably-sized cookie, for that matter. You'll of course need access to a clean french press, but the other components—milk and… » 12/16/13 9:53am 12/16/13 9:53am

Report: Google May Stop Using Cookies to Track Users

According to a report from the WSJ, Google is considering ditching cookies to track its users. Instead, Google would "create its own anonymous identifier for each individual". Google, which has previously secretly planted cookies in Internet Explorer and the iPhone, says it's an attempt to make the Internet more… » 9/18/13 9:41pm 9/18/13 9:41pm

A Rocking Horse Cookie Cutter Is a Sweet and Easy Way For Kids To Help

Kids love to help out in the kitchen when the end product is cakes, pies, or cookies. Though even the simplest of assigned tasks can turn into a kitchen disaster in the blink of an eye, cutting cookies has always been a pretty reliable assignment. Now, it's even easier for young'ns with this adorable rocking horse… » 7/17/13 5:00pm 7/17/13 5:00pm

There's Now an Easy Way To 3D-Print Your Own Hand-Drawn Cookie Cutters

Is there anything more uninspired and unappetizing than a boring round cookie? Outside of known carcinogens, probably not. So if you're looking for a way to spice up a glass of milk's best friend, MakerBot has just released a custom software tool called the Cookie Cutter Customizer that allows you to turn freehand… » 7/12/13 6:20pm 7/12/13 6:20pm

Twitter Wants to Start Tracking You on the Web, Here's How to Opt-Out

In a blog post today, Twitter announced that they're "experimenting with new ways of targeting ads," which is their way of saying they're planning to track you around the web—even when you leave Twitter—and relay that information to advertisers to craft better ads. Here's how to opt out. » 7/03/13 4:43pm 7/03/13 4:43pm

A Lethal Slingshot That Shoots Metal Oreos

A few months ago Joerg (I feel like we're on a first name basis with him at this point, right?) got the idea to try and shoot Oreos out of a pump-action slingshot. It was a fun time, but not as deadly as he would have liked. So round two of the Oreo challenge involves oreo-sized metal washers. Not surprisingly they… » 6/16/13 7:33pm 6/16/13 7:33pm

A Pump-Action Oreo Gun Makes For One Unbeatable Snack Attack

I think we've all had that moment sitting in front of a package of Oreos, fighting—or not fighting—the urge to try and get them all in your mouth with all due speed. Slingshot master Joerg Sprave has come up with a patently ridiculous way of upping that speed variable. So much so that you probably wouldn't want your… » 3/17/13 3:40pm 3/17/13 3:40pm

The Oreo Splitting Wars Escalate with Carnegie Mellon's Brilliant Bot

In what is turning out to be one of the most entertaining marketing stunts of the past few years, Nabisco's Cookie vs. Creme challenge is attracting all kinds of talented minds from across the country. Including robotic researchers from Carnegie Mellon University who've even drafted their advanced bot HERB into Oreo… » 3/11/13 12:45pm 3/11/13 12:45pm

An Even Better Oreo Separating Machine Blasts Hot Creme In Your Mouth

The world thought it had seen it all when physicist David Neevel's Oreo-separating machine was revealed. But, Nabisco's Cookie vs. Creme campaign is inspiring inventors from all over the country to come up with their own machines. Including Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup, a pair of toy scientists from Minnesota who… » 3/04/13 10:03am 3/04/13 10:03am