This May Look Like a Vintage Basket, but It's Also a Cooler

Coolers: often ugly, frequently necessary. You can get a styrofoam piece of junk that you're going to spend $3 on only to throw away later, or you could spend $50 or more on a hunk of ugly plastic that will sit in your garage nine months of the year collecting cobwebs. Those aren't your only options, however. These… » 7/10/12 7:40pm 7/10/12 7:40pm

Bullet-Shaped Bollinger Champagne Cooler, For 007's Giant Gun

A giant gun that fires bullets containing chilled bottles of Bollinger...sounds like a psychedelic James Bond-theme dream. But at least the bullet bit is nearly a reality. Bollinger has come up with this 007-themed champagne bottle cooler in time for Quantum of Solace » 9/30/08 12:10pm 9/30/08 12:10pm that actually bullet-shaped, though there's no…

Photochopped R2-D2 USB Beverage Cooler Can Be Yours, Actual Product or…

Add this one to the "ouch, ouch, ouch" Photoshop bin. Yeah, I can use the pen tool to smoothly decapitate R2 and throw a Coke can top and USB cord in too. What I can't do, though, is build an actual USB beverage can cooler out of a shrunken R2-D2 model. Which I would want. It's up for pre-order at for… » 8/06/08 12:45pm 8/06/08 12:45pm

Cruzin' Cooler Operator Gets Charged With DWI

We first wrote about the Cruzin Cooler, literally a motorized cooler scooter, here on Giz way back in 2006. Frankly, we're kind of baffled today that it took more than two years for the thing to log its first DWI arrest. First of all, yes, the Cruzin Cooler counts as a vehicle, and that is why Whitehall, NY resident… » 6/08/08 7:30pm 6/08/08 7:30pm

Veuve Globalight Cools Your Champagne, Gives Romantic Glow Too

Designer Karim Rashid has turned out this multifunction champagne cooler just in time for the upcoming Milan Design Fair, and we have to admit it's rather beautiful. Produced in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot, the Globalight is supposed to keep your champers chilled for two hours and also sheds a halo of pink… » 4/15/08 6:33am 4/15/08 6:33am

RC Cooler Robot Brings You Beers When No One Else Will

The Skinny: No more yelling across the room, ordering the kids to bring you that brewski when you have an RC Cooler from Inter Active Toy. The Catch: It runs on eight C batteries, but they are said to last for six hours of continuous use. We just wish it were rechargeable, with its own little charging garage. » 1/05/08 9:31pm 1/05/08 9:31pm

Keep Your Lunch Fresh With the Power of NASA Technology

According to the product page, the Franklin Digital Cooler uses "a tiny NASA microchip" that allows the device to go from "hot to freezing cold in a matter of minutes." So, theoretically, you can keep you hot dishes hot and your cold dishes cold when traveling. There is even an LED thermometer and thermostat that… » 10/18/07 8:30pm 10/18/07 8:30pm