This awesome space mech is the next user-designed official Lego set

Behold, the ​newest user-created official Lego set, voted by thousands of users around the world as part of Lego's Cuusoo initiative. This Lego Space Exo Suit is a really beautiful and fun design by Peter Reid, one of the authors of the great book ​Lego Space: Building the Future. »10/23/13 3:26pm10/23/13 3:26pm

The coolest and most exotic cars in the world all in one place

Every year, the most luxurious, exotic and expensive cars in the world get together at Monterrey Car Week, commonly known as Pebble Beach among fans of all things on wheels. From unique classics to the unveiling of the latest models, these are the awesome cars you'll never have. Here are the highlights so far. »8/16/13 2:40pm8/16/13 2:40pm