Fukushima Needs This Gigantic, Water-Spewing Truck with Football Field…

TEPCO is desperately trying to keep Fukushima's scalding fuel rods from overheating. So they need water. Swimming pools of it. Pumping that much water isn't easy—but this massive rig 700 gallons per minute with an astounding 70-meter boom. » 4/18/11 6:20pm 4/18/11 6:20pm

"Smart" Alloy Will Make Your Air Conditioner 175% More Efficient

Leaving your air conditioner on full blast all day might soon come with a little less guilt, thanks to an alloy developed by the University of Maryland. The "thermally elastic" material could allow air conditioners to run 175% more efficiently. » 7/19/10 8:20pm 7/19/10 8:20pm