Coolermaster's Cosmos Chassis Looks Great, Conforms to ESA Standards

Coolermaster, a big name in DIY enthusiast PC cases, has just announced that their Cosmos line of chassis will conform to the Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) initiative. ESA is supposed to allow more components to communicate with each other so people who build their own PCs can monitor exactly what's going on… »11/12/07 2:41pm11/12/07 2:41pm

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Cools Your Laptop (and Your Lap)

Cooler Master's NotePal Infinite employs variable speed fans under a wide steel mesh bed to cool your laptop. Since the unit's air intake is located at the rear rather then along the bottom, the NotePal Infinite will probably be able to deliver the goods even on surfaces that aren't flat, such as your legs. (Who would… »7/16/07 2:00pm7/16/07 2:00pm

Cooler Master X Craft 350 Enclosure (Verdict: Looks Pretty, Gets the Job Done)

The X Craft 350 is Cooler Master's latest venture into the world of hard drive enclosures. It is available in silver or black, both of which look very pretty and shiny. The enclosure supports 3.5-inch IDE or SATA hard drives up to 500GB in size and connects via USB. One of the nicer features about this enclosure is… »6/05/06 2:22pm6/05/06 2:22pm