Fill This Volkswagen Van Cooler With Snapple and Other Hippy Drinks

It was an endearing symbol of the ‘60s, but the iconic Volkswagen Van has since becomes a sought-after and expensive collectible. And while you can’t quit your job and drive across the country in this VW Van cooler, it’s a slightly cheaper way to dodge grown-up responsibilities—at least for a weekend. »9/16/15 8:40pm9/16/15 8:40pm

A Koozie That Keeps Your Beer Cold With Good Engineering 

Arriving just a day too late to keep your drinks cool during the big game, the folks from Yeti are back with another marvel of insulated engineering known as the Colster. Comparing it to those foam neoprene sleeves often referred to as Koozies is almost an insult, because the Colster is designed from the ground up to… »2/02/15 6:13pm2/02/15 6:13pm

A Beverage Cooler With Retractable Legs Stands Tall Without a Table

It could very well mean the end of wacky sports bloopers where football players crash into sideline tables stacked with Gatorade. But now that drink coolers come with retractable, folding legs, you'll never need to remember to bring a folding table to your next football game/family reunion/PTA meeting. »10/17/14 5:20pm10/17/14 5:20pm

Fill This Cooler With Icy Water and It Doubles As an Air Conditioner

There's not an ice-cold beverage in the world that can refresh and cool you as effectively as an air-conditioned room can, but the IcyBreeze cooler offers up both options, just in case. Fill it with ice and it keeps drinks cold all day long, but add a little water and extend the hose on top and suddenly it becomes a… »7/21/14 5:00pm7/21/14 5:00pm

A Shoulder Bag Cooler That Can Keep Ice Frozen For Days

They promise to keep your food and drinks cold while you're away from a fridge, but sometimes carrying a giant cooler is just overkill. For those times when you're only gone for a day, or just need to feed yourself, YETI has created a soft-sided cooler called the Hopper that's engineered to keep ice frozen for days,… »7/09/14 5:00pm7/09/14 5:00pm

A Classic Fiat 500 Had To Die So You Can Keep Your Drinks Cool

Though it was reborn back in 2007 as a similarly compact model, the original Fiat 500 showed the world, not just Europe, that you didn't need a giant land yacht of a vehicle to be comfortable. So it's a little sad to see that Smeg is working with Fiat to hack apart these iconic rides, and turn their front ends into… »6/04/13 1:12pm6/04/13 1:12pm

Yeti Roadie 20 Review: This Cooler Defies Thermodynamics

You have to love engineers willing to come up with the best product possible, price be damned. That's the Texas company Yeti's approach to coolers. The portable Roadie 20 can keep beer icy in brutal southern sunshine, and it's tough enough to jack up a truck. Its insulation is incredible, but it doesn't come cheap.… »9/03/12 12:00pm9/03/12 12:00pm

Thermaltake's V1 Cooler is Half Artwork, Half Airy Lungs For Your CPU

Current gadget design tends to favor minimalism »7/30/08 5:22am7/30/08 5:22am... but that's simply not true for this Thermaltake V1 cooler. Ohoho no. The Thermaltake designer who came up with this must've been an artist in a former career. Just look at it: so detailed, organically-shaped and glittery it's an artwork. And one you'd surely to show…