Transformers Pens Are More Than Meets The Eye

This is an Optimus Prime Transformer. It transforms into a pen. That's pretty much it, but goodness, what else do you need? » 6/02/14 9:54am 6/02/14 9:54am

Coolness Roundup: Adobe CS 3 Hands-On

Join the gurus of cool in Coolness Roundup episode 87, praising and blasting product after product in lots of lively tech talk. This week, join Gizmodo's Charlie White and Sci Fi Tech's Stephen Schleicher as they give you their hands-on impressions of Adobe's latest software uber-suite, CS3, and evaluate features of… » 5/14/07 1:10pm 5/14/07 1:10pm

Lego Coffee Maker

These kids deserve our love and respect. They not only made a Lego Coffee Making Think With Tubes and Stuff (TM), they also posed next to it, rocking the full science fair regalia. I have pictures like this in the family album—me hanging out with my Atari 800XL, for example—and I don't look half as cool. » 6/09/06 11:20am 6/09/06 11:20am