Question of the Day: Which Missing iPhone Feature Would You Like to See Most?

Over the weekend we learned that the iPhone firmware 2.2 beta was going out to developers sans copy/paste (again). Apple claims that it is not a top priority but, to be honest, I'm beginning to think that it will never happen. Nonetheless, AT&T released a survey to customers in an attempt to determine what the level… »10/27/08 4:50pm10/27/08 4:50pm

Apple Kinda Had iPhone Copy/Paste Figured Out with Newton 15 Years Ago (But Not Really)

There's a lot of hypothesizing »9/07/08 3:30pm9/07/08 3:30pm and going on today because the supposedly simple act of cutting and pasting is absent from the iPhone. What's strange about all this is that Apple sorta had it figured out 15 years ago with the Newton. As the video shows, cutting and pasting with a touchscreen or stylus on a Mac…

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Has Tiny Glimmer of Copy-and-Paste Shining Inside

When Apple said it didn't care about cut and paste on the iPhone, it's possible that it meant "not right now, but soon, possibly." Because over at MacNN they're reporting that the developer firmware 2.1 may have hints of copy-paste within it. "In exploring the Localizable.strings entry under English.lproj in the… »7/25/08 1:20pm7/25/08 1:20pm

Apple Doesn't Have a Problem With iPhone Cut and Paste, They Just Don't Care

In an interview with Extreme Tech, Apple product head Greg Joswiak explained the lack of cut and paste in the iPhone: it's just not a priority right now. He says Apple worked its way as far down its "priority list" of features for firmware 2.0, but just not far enough to reach cut and paste. He then went on the… »7/14/08 4:25pm7/14/08 4:25pm