Latest iPhone Copy & Paste Stopgap CopierciN Works With SMS, Emails, Notes

It's kind of starting to be a joke, this copy and paste thing. The latest promising-looking implementation, CopierciN (for jailbreak only via Cydia), acts as a middle man, importing text messages, your most recent emails, or your notes into a standard text editor, where you can then select what you want to "copy" and… »9/16/08 3:55pm9/16/08 3:55pm

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Has Tiny Glimmer of Copy-and-Paste Shining Inside

When Apple said it didn't care about cut and paste on the iPhone, it's possible that it meant "not right now, but soon, possibly." Because over at MacNN they're reporting that the developer firmware 2.1 may have hints of copy-paste within it. "In exploring the Localizable.strings entry under English.lproj in the… »7/25/08 1:20pm7/25/08 1:20pm