Made-In-China Handset Turns iPhone Into a Clamshell

We've seen our fair share of phony iPhones » 11/26/08 10:15pm 11/26/08 10:15pm here before, but this is the first time I've seen a company take a more ingenious approach to copycatting and, I dare say, I wouldn't mind if the iPhone took a page out of this guy's book one day. I introduce you to the iPhone Flip. The phone measures 105 x 53 x 17mm, and…

Fake Water Cube Building Spotted in Sichuan, China

We've long known about certain companies in China “borrowing inspiration” » 10/29/08 3:00am 10/29/08 3:00am from more , but it looks like architects aren't safe from copycat syndrome either. Check out this spa building in Chongqing, the capital of Sichuan (where the earthquakes happened), which looks a little like it have been designed by someone…

BlackBerry Storm Tech Manual Offers Proof of iPhone Inspiration

It's probably not a surprise that RIM definitely had iPhones on the brain while creating the new (and pretty awesome) BlackBerry Storm—but who knew they'd make it this obvious. In the vodaphone technical specifications manual, the company's Storm is sporting a very familiar OS, and it's definitely not the regular… » 10/08/08 2:35am 10/08/08 2:35am

Japanese Sophia Nani Is A Full Touchscreen Phone, Media Player

It would seem that a certain black-and-silver phone has attracted a bit of a following in the design department. The Japan-only Sophia Nani, launching next week, sports a massive 4.3" touchscreen TFT display running at a crisp 800x400 resolution. A digital TV tuner rounds out a complete multimedia package, but one… » 7/13/07 7:04pm 7/13/07 7:04pm