YouTube Will Make You Watch a 5 Minute PSA if You Break Copyright Laws

You may want to rethink posting those Mad Men episodes you downloaded on YouTube—unless you are interested in spending five minutes of your life watching an animated PSA. YouTube is going to make anyone who posts a copyrighted video watch it and take a short quiz, or you won't be able to upload any more videos. Users… » 4/14/11 7:55pm 4/14/11 7:55pm

Update on NFL's Panties: Still Bunched

Responding to what happened a couple days ago, churches around the country have put the kibbosh on "traditional" Super Bowl parties while the NFL continues to put the fear out, "standing by its interpretation of copyright law." Apparently, enough private homeowners are worried about Ray Lewis busting down their door that » 2/03/07 6:37pm 2/03/07 6:37pm