iTunes Shutdown Scare Officially Over, Officially Dumb

The National Music Publishers Board didn't get their request to the Copyright Royalty Board for a larger cut of digital music sales, putting a definitive end to a miniature media crisis over the "possible" shutdown of iTunes. Apple threw a minor shit-fit over the prospective hike last year, insinuating that they might… »10/03/08 7:10am10/03/08 7:10am


Pandora and Other Webcasters Saved by Act of Congress

Today the otherwise preoccupied Senate quickly passed the Webcaster Settlement Act »9/30/08 7:50pm9/30/08 7:50pm many of you petitioned for, granting Pandora and other net radio services the right to negotiate royalties with the record industry's SoundExchange coalition for the years 2006 to 2015. OK, that's a mouthful—what it means is, they will…

Pandora Internet Radio Can't Take Royalty Rates, Will Likely Close the Box

Pandora, the internet radio station built around your tastes, will probably be going out of business soon. After getting slapped by the CRB »8/17/08 4:00pm8/17/08 4:00pm with exorbitantly high royalty rates to continue playing music, says the company is facing a "pull-the-plug" situation. There's one congressman trying to help Pandora and it's…

Senate Introduces Net-Radio Bill; Pandora Asks Giz Readers to Keep Bugging Congress

The Senate today introduced a bill to prevent outlandish increases in net-radio royalties, a companion to the bill proposed by the House of Representatives last month. I decided to check in with Pandora's founder Tim Westergren again to see how he and his fellow webcasters got such sudden political clout. »5/10/07 10:00pm5/10/07 10:00pm

Proposed House Bill Kills Internet Radio Royalty Rate Hike

A new bill in the House sponsored by Reps. Jay Inslee and Donald Manzullo, dubbed the "Internet Radio Equality Act," would neuter the CRB's much-maligned royalty rate hike, setting rates at 7.5 percent of revenue—the same rate satellite radio broadcasters are charged. The new rate would be in effect from 2006 to 2010… »4/27/07 5:44pm4/27/07 5:44pm

Pandora Co-Founder Gives Two Reasons Why Royalty Decision Sucks

We asked Pandora's co-founder, Tim Westergren, if he would like to discuss the decision of the Library of Congress's Copyright Royalty Board to uphold its decision to charge new crippling rates to Web-based broadcasters like Pandora. Tim responded: "I think there are two main points that would be great to make, both… »4/17/07 7:00pm4/17/07 7:00pm

Internet Radio Rebellion Crushed: CRB Upholds Royalty Rate Hike

NPR's and other webcasters' efforts to roll back the crippling royalty rate hike for Internet radio stations have been gutted. A panel of judges at the Copyright Royalty Board denied their appeal, holding up "the original CRB decision in every respect," though a slight reprieve was granted in allowing stations to pay… »4/17/07 10:00am4/17/07 10:00am