iTunes Shutdown Scare Officially Over, Officially Dumb

The National Music Publishers Board didn't get their request to the Copyright Royalty Board for a larger cut of digital music sales, putting a definitive end to a miniature media crisis over the "possible" shutdown of iTunes. Apple threw a minor shit-fit over the prospective hike last year, insinuating that they might… » 10/03/08 7:10am 10/03/08 7:10am

Pandora Hits Sprint Phones and Sonos Remotes

Right at this moment, a bunch of music fans are sitting in rows at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Wattis Theater, eagerly awaiting the fate of Pandora, the cult-hit semi-customizable Internet radio service. What are they about to hear? That Pandora is teaming up with Sprint and Sonos to get into mobile and… » 5/23/07 12:00am 5/23/07 12:00am

Senate Introduces Net-Radio Bill; Pandora Asks Giz Readers to Keep…

The Senate today introduced a bill to prevent outlandish increases in net-radio royalties, a companion to the bill proposed by the House of Representatives last month. I decided to check in with Pandora's founder Tim Westergren again to see how he and his fellow webcasters got such sudden political clout. » 5/10/07 10:00pm 5/10/07 10:00pm

Proposed House Bill Kills Internet Radio Royalty Rate Hike

A new bill in the House sponsored by Reps. Jay Inslee and Donald Manzullo, dubbed the "Internet Radio Equality Act," would neuter the CRB's much-maligned royalty rate hike, setting rates at 7.5 percent of revenue—the same rate satellite radio broadcasters are charged. The new rate would be in effect from 2006 to 2010… » 4/27/07 5:44pm 4/27/07 5:44pm

Pandora Co-Founder Gives Two Reasons Why Royalty Decision Sucks

We asked Pandora's co-founder, Tim Westergren, if he would like to discuss the decision of the Library of Congress's Copyright Royalty Board to uphold its decision to charge new crippling rates to Web-based broadcasters like Pandora. Tim responded: "I think there are two main points that would be great to make, both… » 4/17/07 7:00pm 4/17/07 7:00pm

Internet Radio Rebellion Crushed: CRB Upholds Royalty Rate Hike

NPR's and other webcasters' efforts to roll back the crippling royalty rate hike for Internet radio stations have been gutted. A panel of judges at the Copyright Royalty Board denied their appeal, holding up "the original CRB decision in every respect," though a slight reprieve was granted in allowing stations to pay… » 4/17/07 10:00am 4/17/07 10:00am