Cordcutters Rejoice! CNN's Republican Debate on Wednesday Will Be Streaming Online 

Remember the first Republican primary debate, co-hosted by Facebook? You couldn’t watch it online unless you had a cable subscription. Which made no sense at all! It was co-hosted by Facebook for Trump’s sake! But cordcutting fans of the political circus can now rejoice! Wednesday’s debate, hosted by CNN, will be… »9/15/15 4:00pm9/15/15 4:00pm

Cord-Cutting Makes Even More Sense With This Discounted Mohu Leaf

While cord-cutters probably spend most of their TV time on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, a good OTA antenna is still an essential piece of gear for anyone looking to break ties with their cable provider. The Mohu Leaf is consistently considered one of the best options out there, and the amplified… »11/11/14 10:15am11/11/14 10:15am

Are People "Cutting the Cord" Just People Who Can't Afford Cable?

193,000 people quit their paid television plans last quarter. Sounds like a lot, and it is! But as any horse-breeder will tell you (I would guess?): it's about quality, not quantity. And the people leaving cable behind, GigaOm reports, aren't the ones the cable companies care about. While high-value consumers—the… »8/10/11 11:02am8/10/11 11:02am