Logitech Wireless Stereo Headset is an Uncommon But Useful PC Accessory

Logitech's ClearChat Wireless PC headset might seem unremarkable, but a quick scan of Amazon shows there aren't really any non-bluetooth wireless stereo headsets on the market. There are plenty of wireless headphones without mics, one speaker 2.4 GHz wireless headsets and corded stereo headsets. But no product has… »3/04/08 3:40pm3/04/08 3:40pm

Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Includes Keyboard and USB Hub

Logitech's ergonomically designed $100 Alto Cordless stand has three high-speed USB ports for high-powered peripherals, plus integrated wireless technology to connect to the included keyboard. As a nice touch, it folds up into a tidy rectangle for stowing or lugging around. My only beef is, why sell a wireless-enabled… »8/21/07 4:00am8/21/07 4:00am