Panasonic Bragging About Being #1 in Cordless Phones Is Kind of a Bummer

Oh, other companies are being hit by this so-called recession? Not Panasonic! It's headed to the top of the tech world on a pile of cordless phones. They're gonna ride this wave forever! » 11/23/09 1:20pm 11/23/09 1:20pm

Why Obama Doesn't Use a Cordless Phone (And Neither Should You)

I hate cordless phones. So when Gizmodo reader ournextcontestant asked why Obama was using a corded phone instead of a cordless phone in this photo, I felt it was our duty to explain. » 1/21/09 9:00pm 1/21/09 9:00pm

A Retro Phone Your Grandpappy Would Have Loved

For those of you who haven't yet given up land lines for cell and skype phones, you might as well show off your meaningless attachment to antiquated technology rather than disguise it with fancy looking yet boring phones. » 12/05/06 11:32am 12/05/06 11:32am

CES 2007: Philips DECT Cordless Phone

We know, cordless phones don't grace our pages very often, but the Philips DECT phone/answering machine won a Best of Innovations award for CES 2007. We know little about the product other than it's "pure indulgence crafted exclusively with you in mind," but you already knew that. » 11/08/06 9:30pm 11/08/06 9:30pm

V-Tech i5871 Cordless 5.8GHz Phone

Yeah, yeah, we know, you're using a cellphone at home, but not everybody's doing that, and not everybody's using the phone company's voicemail, either. For those Luddites who still want to have chic gear, V-Tech is stepping in with some nice-looking phones lately. » 7/11/06 9:35am 7/11/06 9:35am

Panasonic and Skype Get Cozy at CES

Here's even more good Skype news. Teaming up with consumer electronics giant Panasonic, the company is collaborating on a compatible telephone product that will let Panasonic cordless phones interface directly with Skype. You'll be able to make and receive Skype calls with the new product, as well as using the phone… » 1/03/06 11:32am 1/03/06 11:32am