Apple DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI Adapter Delayed to Dec. 23

While we liked the shiny unibody MacBooks »11/20/08 9:40am11/20/08 9:40am, their new miniDisplay Port requires the use of a dual link DVI adapter to drive the 30" CinemaDisplay. Not only is the adapter ; it's a custom cord that can't exactly be spotted between the batteries and singing cards at the drug store. Now Apple has informed preorderers to…

Cablet Carpet Helps You Hide the Evidence of Your Geekyness

I'm not all about typing on the floor like the dude pictured here, but I do have quite a few cords criss-crossing the rooms of my home. For the most part, these cords are hidden in a very half-assed manner behind couches and under rugs —resulting in a geeky ghetto look that is as dangerous as it is hideous. My guess… »12/20/07 8:40pm12/20/07 8:40pm