Forty Years Of Intel: Interactive Timeline

This week marks the 40th anniversary of Intel, the people who likely made the CPU in your computer. To mark the occasion, the people at PC Magazine have put together a pretty comprehensive timeline showing every major generation of Intel processor from the first one to the current Core 2 Quad and Atom series… » 7/18/08 10:30pm 7/18/08 10:30pm

Intel Launching Cheap Quad Core Processors to Battle Budget AMD Triple…

Digitimes is reporting that Intel is about to pop a series of cheap quad core processors (Q8000) to slap back at AMD's budget triple core offerings. The first will be the Core 2 Quad 8200, which'll run at 2.33GHz with a 4MB L2 cache, supporting a front-side bus of up to 1333MHz for around $200. Difference between… » 6/13/08 2:10pm 6/13/08 2:10pm

AMD Quad-Core Phenom X4 9850 Reviewed (Verdict: Owned by Intel Quad…

The Phenom X4 9850 is at the top of AMD's latest heap of quad-core Phenoms. It's free of the performance-sapping bug that plagued the first batch of Phenoms, and AMD hopes it'll claw back some ground from Intel. Maximum PC stacked it up against two quad-cores from Intel—the mid-rangeish Penryn Core 2 Quad Q9300, as… » 3/27/08 12:57am 3/27/08 12:57am

Intel Delays 45nm Quad-Core CPUs to Give AMD a Breather

Rather than continue hammering on AMD while they're down, Intel is apparently taking AMD's troubles as a little break of their own, delaying the launch of three 45nm quad-core Core 2 processors (Yorkfields) until Feb. or March, depending on AMD's release schedule for its upcoming tri-core and Phenom processors. This… » 12/19/07 4:45pm 12/19/07 4:45pm

Quad-Core Laptops Coming, Costs $10,000+ Fully Loaded

Not quite as groundbreaking as Wang Computers' word processor, XtremeNotebooks is offering the first Quad-Core Intel processors in laptops at a price of over $10,000 per unit fully stocked. The XTreme 917 has a Core 2 Quad Q6000 processor with dual NVidia processors and almost 1TB of hard drive space, which means that… » 8/16/07 6:30pm 8/16/07 6:30pm

Sony to Unleash Core 2 Quad Mutha

Sony's raising the bar in Japan starting February 10, shipping its latest VAIO R Master desktop complete with the latest Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor inside. This one nearly has it all with a price to match, including a Blu-ray drive, three gigs of RAM and you can even cram 3TBs of SATA storage in there. But look… » 1/17/07 11:37am 1/17/07 11:37am