Samsung Bends The Edges Of Its New SF Notebook Range

Samsung's new SF laptop series is designed to draw "admiring advances" thanks to its glossy exterior and curvaceous case. It's Alienware for ladies. » 9/02/10 2:59am 9/02/10 2:59am

Toshiba Portégé R705 Review: The Ultra Ultraportable

Toshiba's Portégé line has always been the top of the company's shelf—with prices to match. The Portégé R705 upends that lineage: It's capable, sure, but it's also affordable. So does it live up to its fancy double-accent-marks? » 8/04/10 3:00pm 8/04/10 3:00pm

Alienware's 11-Inch M11x Netbook Getting Core i7 Upgrade Next Month?

Courtesy of a Dell representative who let a little too much information loose in a video interview with Shufflegazine, we now know that its gaming arm Alienware is readying an Intel Core i7 netbook next month. » 5/24/10 5:47am 5/24/10 5:47am

HP G62t Core i3 Notebook Pairs Envy 15 Looks With a $600 Price Tag

Sony just announced a few colorful Core i3/i5 notebooks, and now HP is following suit with its new G62t. Its design closely resembles HP's $1300 Envy, but you'll pay less than half of that for the G62t's base configuration. » 2/05/10 9:44am 2/05/10 9:44am

Sony Launches Vaio E Series Today: Core i5 Notebooks, in Technicolor

There may be only one build of the Sony Vaio E notebook you can buy today, but your coloring options are equal parts expansive and aggressive. Even beyond the plumage, though, you're looking at a nice little set-up. » 2/02/10 9:50am 2/02/10 9:50am

New Core i7, i5, and i3 Processor Family: Did We Mention They're Fast

You're going to be seeing Intel's latest iteration of high-powered processors popping up all over the place soon—specifically, more than 400 PC platform designs and 200 embedded devices. Time to meet your next computer's guts: » 1/07/10 11:20am 1/07/10 11:20am

Intel's New Superefficient-But-Fast Laptop Core i5 Chips on Jan. 7

Intel's dropping a big bowl o' chips January 7th—17 of 'em—like the first lower-end Core i3 chips, but we're most excited about the Arrandale Core i5 for laptops: still fast but more efficient 'cause they're shrunk to 32nm. » 12/17/09 6:20pm 12/17/09 6:20pm

Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Budget Desktop Offerings, Possible Mac Pro…

For those of you who get hot and bothered by leaked Intel product roadmaps, please sit down. We have one here for desktops that runs the gamut from budget Core i3 and a low-power i5 marked with an "S." » 11/29/09 3:20pm 11/29/09 3:20pm

Giz Explains: Intel's Entire Confusing Armada of Chips

Intel makes a lot of processors. Too many, maybe. Don't know what the difference a Core i7 and a Core 2 Duo? A Bloomfield from a Wolfdale? A Sasquatch from a Yeti? You're not alone. » 10/15/09 10:00am 10/15/09 10:00am

Intel Explains 'Simplified' Core i3, i5, i7 Brand Structure

Wisely, Intel has decided to simplify their overly complex brand structure by boiling things down into three main categories: "entry-level (Intel Core i3), mid-level (Intel Core i5), and high-level (Intel Core i7)." » 6/17/09 4:00pm 6/17/09 4:00pm