Hey Enviro-Nerds, Don't Forget to Vote for Your Favorite Greener Gadget

There's only one day left of voting at Core77's second annual Greener Gadgets design competition, and there are a lot of crazy product concepts to check out, some that may actually save the world one day. Plus, most are made of white and green plastic so there—automatic carbon reduction! [Core77] » 2/19/09 8:39pm 2/19/09 8:39pm

Bamboo Cell is Degradable Concept, Pandas' Phone of Choice

Dutch designer Gert-Jan van Breugel has come up with the idea of a degradable cellphone. Remove the antenna, battery and print board, chuck the bio-plastic and bamboo body of the phone on the compost heap, and in a few weeks, bamboo seeds inside the phone will grow and turn your former communication device into a… » 2/28/08 7:16am 2/28/08 7:16am