An RC Car That Runs On Water Is A Positively Charged Step

People have been talking about running cars on water for years, but it's a slow march from science fiction to reality. Even on a small scale, development is difficult. But the i-H2GO is the second revision of an all-water remote controlled car that seems to actually work. » 7/28/13 9:36am 7/28/13 9:36am

Hands On Batman Retrofuturetastic H2Go Fuel Cell-Powered RC Car

I always wanted an RC car that didn't eat batteries like Tom Cruise devours babies there's no tomorrow. Corgi's H2Go is fuel-cell powered RC car that just needs water and light—a solar panel powers its hydrogen station, which karate chops water into oxygen and hydrogen. The station tank takes about 2 minutes to… » 2/17/08 12:13pm 2/17/08 12:13pm