8 things you can do with old wine corks

Cork is one of the magic materials of the world which is fitting since its most common use is in wine bottles (wine being one of the magic liquids in the world). But what to do with all the wine corks you have after you finish a bottle of wine? Don’t just toss ‘em out, they can be used as alcohol soaked candles,… »8/17/15 8:30pm8/17/15 8:30pm


Assembling This Table Is Just Like Uncorking a Bottle Of Wine

Skip the Ikea-imposed allen wrenches and other tools with this build-it-yourself side table that assembles using the skills you learned while uncorking countless bottles of wine. Instead of a more traditional threaded bolt, the table's three legs feature the same screw you'd find on a bottle opener, making it easy to… »3/06/13 11:20am3/06/13 11:20am

LEDs Hidden in Corks Light Up Booze Bottles to Eerie Effect

Lighting designers' minds must be turning toward boozing it up lately (joining those of your humble narrators), because this is the second time in as many days we've noticed special lighting devices that somehow illuminate containers full of alcoholic beverages. This clever idea involves a battery-operated LED,… »8/28/07 6:30pm8/28/07 6:30pm