Oh God They Made Shark's Teeth Into an Actual Saw Blade

It's every swimmer, surfer, and slow fish's greatest fear, but to understand just how deadly a shark's bite can be, researchers at Cornell University wanted to study the cutting power of various sharks' teeth. So they did what any mad scientist would: build a saw blade covered in shark's teeth, attach it to a… »1/19/15 10:14am1/19/15 10:14am


Researchers Are Finally Teaching Robots To Be Less Stabby

Most of the news coming out of robotics research has us really worried about mankind's future, but Cornell University finally brings us a glimmer of hope. Researchers there are working on developing an algorithm through physical feedback that will teach robots to be more careful with certain objects—like say when… »11/05/13 1:40pm11/05/13 1:40pm

A Magical Window That Blocks Noise But Lets Breezes Pass Through

It's a warm summer night in the city, but instead of sleeping with the windows open to let a breeze in, you've got them all closed to keep your bedroom quiet. It's a 'lesser of two evils' decision that people living in crowded urban centers might soon not have to make. Researchers in South Korea have developed a… »7/08/13 12:20pm7/08/13 12:20pm

Shape-Remembering Hydrogels Are the First Step Towards a Real-Life T-1000

A team of researchers at Cornell University, led by professor Dan Luo, has developed a new kind of hydrogel made from synthesized and interwoven DNA, like a microscopic bird's nest. In the presence of H2O the hydrogel forms and holds a pre-determined shape. But in the absence of water, the material flows like any… »12/05/12 10:40am12/05/12 10:40am