This Corona Billboard Makes the Moon the World's Biggest Lime Wedge

If you happen to find yourself taking an evening stroll past 15th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan tomorrow night, you'll have the opportunity to full enjoy this clever Corona billboard. Playing off the fact the drink is usually served with a lime wedged in the bottle's mouth, from the right angle, and on the right… » 6/14/13 8:51am 6/14/13 8:51am

Delicious (and Not So Delicious) GMC PC Case Designs

Although we think CeBIT is largely a waste of convention center, one standout was Korean PC-case master GMC (no relation to America's own troubled automotive titan). Its sexiest case concept was by far the disc-shaped red-and-black beauty captured by Aving above. Even its simple name, "Pot," evokes a feeling of peace and … » 3/08/08 2:00pm 3/08/08 2:00pm

Corona Lamps Are Like Sunflowers For Your Tortured Soul

These lamps from designers Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu are shaped like sunflowers, sort of, and collect solar power so they can light up your garden at night. The best part about these outdoor lights is that they don't have to be outdoors. You can attach these to the wall, as shown above, and they'll still do a good… » 5/24/07 4:00pm 5/24/07 4:00pm