Hulu Private Beta Goes Live Tonight; Will YouTube Blink?

The bastard child of News Corp. and NBC's love-hate relationship with GooTube, Hulu, is making its public debut this week, with the private beta going live tonight. The log-in form's already up, but those of us at Giz who've signed up for the beta haven't gotten our invites in the mail yet, so we haven't stuck our… » 10/29/07 3:40pm 10/29/07 3:40pm

Network Fogies Getting Into YouTube-Like Racket

What do NBC, News Corp., CBS, and Viacom have in common? YouTube. In an effort to dethrone their young Web-based competition, they're joining forces on a new venture/website that would host videos from their respective video vaults. This in turn would draw traffic away from YouTube, and put extra cash in the already… » 12/18/06 5:14pm 12/18/06 5:14pm