Creative Presents Cease-and-Desist Note to Developer Hero

After Vista's release, Creative's Audigy Sound Blaster series lost a lot of their in-built functionality. Developer, good-guy and all around hero, Daniel_K stepped up to the challenge, putting together his own drivers and asking for non-obligatory donations in recognition of his effort. Daniel_K's drivers restored… »3/29/08 12:00pm3/29/08 12:00pm

UPDATED: AT&T Dish Network Victimizes California Couple Whose House Just Burned Down

As if those disastrous California fires weren't bad enough, watch this poor couple whose house had just burned down describe how AT&T demanded $300 for a Dish Network satellite receiver that had also been destroyed in the conflagration. We hear AT&T intends to respond to this, so we'll withhold judgment until the… »10/26/07 12:41pm10/26/07 12:41pm

Electric Car Removed from Smithsonian, Replaced by SUV

Is it a case of bad timing, or is it a little fishy that just a week before the documentary critical of GM, Who Killed the Electric Car? is to be released that one of the few examples of the EV1 electric car in existence has been removed from the Smithsonian's Museum of American History by its curators? Prototypes of… »6/20/06 10:26am6/20/06 10:26am