Internal AT&T Memo Details Contract Free Rate Plans, Handset Must be Paid for in Full

One of our sources at AT&T has leaked to us an internal document; the memo details the process for obtaining a contract bundle without the obligatory 1 or 2-year commitment term. The basis for the non-commitment bundles is the customer must pay for the handset in full, losing the subsidized rate that is offered with… »1/24/08 7:35am1/24/08 7:35am

Apple Confirms October 26th Leopard Ship Date, Preorders Start Now

Click to viewThe horse has spoken: The eagerly anticipated, occasionally delayed Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is finally shipping. It will be available in 10 days, on Friday, October 26th, at 6pm in Apple Stores and at authorized resellers. Leopard may be the most ambitious MacOS update since the switch to OS X, with new… »10/16/07 8:30am10/16/07 8:30am

Actually, the iPhone Battery Will Last Longer Than 400 Charges

Click to viewSome good news for the iPhone's battery. Everyone, including us, originally reported that the iPhone battery loses life after 300-400 charges, needing to be replaced. People were mad. The mainstream media picked it up, getting all huffy. Turns out, that's bullshit. Apple's site clearly says that the… »7/10/07 7:47pm7/10/07 7:47pm