Tim Wu's Vision for the Future Comes Into Focus

Tim Wu is a busy man. When he’s not teaching law at Columbia or writing for The New Yorker, he’s testifying before Congress about the FCC proposed net neutrality. And as of last month, Wu is running for lieutenant governor of New York State. Busy might not be the right term, actually. Tim Wu is brimming with purpose. »7/09/14 12:47pm7/09/14 12:47pm

Microsoft Warns Home Server Users Not to Write to Server or Use Media Managers

Acknowledging the "data corruption bug" that's been ravaging Windows Home Servers since Christmas, Microsoft today warned users NOT to:
• "Use applications to directly edit or change files stored on Windows Home Server"
• "Use media management programs, such as Windows Media Player, to import files to the Windows Home… »3/10/08 12:00pm3/10/08 12:00pm

Windows Home Server Corrupts Data When Saving From Certain Apps

We've had nothing but good luck in moving files to and from our Windows Home Server machine in Windows Explorer, but there's a data corruption bug present that will kill your data if you're writing stuff over the network directly from certain apps. The apps? Outlook, OneNote, Vista Photo Gallery, Live Photo Gallery,… »12/27/07 5:40pm12/27/07 5:40pm

Electric Car Removed from Smithsonian, Replaced by SUV

Is it a case of bad timing, or is it a little fishy that just a week before the documentary critical of GM, Who Killed the Electric Car? is to be released that one of the few examples of the EV1 electric car in existence has been removed from the Smithsonian's Museum of American History by its curators? Prototypes of… »6/20/06 10:26am6/20/06 10:26am