Taking X-Rays Of Women In Corsets Was A Haunting Use Of New Technology

Any tech that allows humans a new type of insight is inevitably turned on ourselves. We want to know what else we can find out from peering in on our bodies or minds in a new way. Of course, x-ray machines were pretty much used from the start for that purpose, but it's amazing to see these 1908 photos examining how a… » 6/23/13 6:11pm 6/23/13 6:11pm

Star Trek Corsets Hopefully Will Make Him Last Long and Prosper

Hey girls! Don't know what to wear for your special, geeky valentine? How about this sexy, handmade Star Trek-inspired corset that's selling on Etsy for $200 in all different Star Trek colors! [Etsy via BBG] » 2/14/09 7:00am 2/14/09 7:00am