CERN's "Cosmic Piano" Makes Music Out of Raw Particle Data

At Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival in July, jazz pianist Al Blatter found himself jamming with an unusual collaborator: the so-called “cosmic piano,” an instrument developed by physicists at CERN that relies on data generated by cosmic rays to make beautiful music. Whenever a particle passes through a detector… »9/07/15 6:40pm9/07/15 6:40pm

Your Phone Could Become Part of the World's Largest Telescope

If you could enlist your smartphone to become part of an earth-sized telescope searching for the source of cosmic rays, would you? Researchers at University of California are hoping you'd say yes—they've developed an app that will leverage the power of one million smartphone cameras to answer one of the great… »10/14/14 11:52am10/14/14 11:52am

The Plan to Make the Moon an Enormous Detector of Cosmic Rays

About once a century on any given square kilometer of Earth, a cosmic ray hits with mind-boggling intensity. The teeny tiny subatomic particle from space comes careening in with more than 10 million times the energy of particles shot out by the LHC. Where do these ultrahigh energy cosmic rays come from? Astronomers… »9/05/14 2:23pm9/05/14 2:23pm