You Might Not Be Able To See Star Wars: The Force Awakens Dressed As Your Favorite Character

Part of any huge film premiere these days includes people showing up in costume—and The Force Awakens is going to be no exception, as Jedi, Sith, Stormtroopers and Smugglers take to the streets on December 18th. But new regulations from theaters might mean cosplaying as certain iconic characters may not be allowed. »10/28/15 8:30pm10/28/15 8:30pm

Going to DragonCon in Atlanta this weekend to show off your cosplay swag?

Going to DragonCon in Atlanta this weekend to show off your cosplay swag? Look for Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Project Secret Identity. Gizmodo is co-sponsoring this weekend-long project to photograph cosplayers — and protect anonymity and privacy at the same time! You have a right to be in disguise. »9/01/15 2:50pm9/01/15 2:50pm

The Most Creative And Sensational Cosplay Of San Diego Comic Con 2015!

Forget Harrison Ford! We know who the real stars at Comic-Con are: the cosplayers. Every year, they show up and rock our worlds with their incredible creativity, design skills and deep appreciation for fan lore. Here’s a video roundup of the absolute best cosplay we saw at SDCC 2015. »7/14/15 5:29am7/14/15 5:29am

A Hands-On Review of Suitsy, the Silicon Valley Onesie Suit

I spent the last week gliding around San Francisco in the now infamous “Suitsy”, an adult-sized pajama onesie disguised as a full business suit. At bars and in meetings, no one seemed to notice anything amiss. But, perhaps, I thought, this was because San Francisco is the home of weird attire and my colleagues were… »5/17/15 3:00pm5/17/15 3:00pm