Kick ass dad made a giant Aliens power loader costume for his baby

Having a kid is a lot of responsibility but if you're a man-sized child, it can also be a lot of fun. Take Carsten Riewe, for example, he made a Caterpillar P5000 Powerloader costume from the movie Aliens for his 13-month-old daughter. What's the point of having kids if you can't do crazy things like that! » 3/10/14 8:32pm 3/10/14 8:32pm

This Is the Best Consumer-Ready Iron Man Suit We've Ever Seen

Do you like Iron Man? Got $2,000 lying around? You're in luck, my friend, because the Iron Man Factory is open for business, and they're selling the best Iron Man suits we've ever seen. The only problem is you'll have to wait, oh, about a year to get yours. » 12/17/13 3:20pm 12/17/13 3:20pm

The NASA Engineer Who Made iPads the Future of Halloween

Two years ago, NASA engineer Mark Rober blew YouTube's mind with a video of his Halloween costume: a hole in his chest. Or at least it looked like a hole in his chest. In fact, it was an optical illusion made possible by two iPads, a little duct tape and a lot of ingenuity. Well, you won't believe what he's been up to … » 10/31/13 12:00pm 10/31/13 12:00pm

Who You Gonna Call? The Littlest Ghostbuster and His Adorable Ecto-1

Do you recognize Cooper? Probably not, because he's a year older than the last time you saw him driving a tiny time-traveling DeLorean and wearing an adorable Marty McFly costume. This year, however, Cooper's hitting the trick-or-treating circuit in a wonderful Ghostbusters getup complete with his trusty push car… » 10/28/13 4:40pm 10/28/13 4:40pm

Sean Parker's Wedding Guests Required to Measure Thighs, Necks, Wrists

Sean Parker's wedding is the gift that keeps on giving. For those that were enraptured by the 364 beautiful costumes that were designed by the actual costume designer from Lord of the Rings and how they looked on the bodies of beautiful people like Olivia Munn and Lars Ulrich, take comfort in the fact that it was a… » 8/02/13 12:39pm 8/02/13 12:39pm

Don't Get Daft Punk's New Album Without Also Getting the Helmet

After Halloween revelers desperately wanted to buy his impressively detailed Daft Punk helmet (Thomas Bangalter version) Mauricio Santoro realized he could probably make a few bucks from his creation. So he got a small production line going and is now selling the helmets on Etsy for $500 until they run out, or until… » 5/21/13 12:41pm 5/21/13 12:41pm

This Guy Built the Most Incredible Spider-Man Suit Ever

Though building out the armor required for an Iron Man suit is obviously (some would say imposingly) impressive, re-creating the detailed webbing and lithe nature of Spider-Man's suit is just as incredible a feat. MoonSpider shared the Spider-Man suit he made and it puts all Halloween Spidey costumes to shame. » 5/20/13 11:39pm 5/20/13 11:39pm

10 DIY Iron Man Suits That Give Tony Stark a Run for His Money

Iron Man has finally returned to theaters across the country, inevitably leaving a lot of us lusting for our own set of red and gold armor. But it turns out that billions of dollars, a genius IQ, and the magic of Hollywood aren't required to realize that dream. At least, not for these brilliant amateur creations. » 5/03/13 10:01am 5/03/13 10:01am

More Realistic Evil Dead Costumes Aren’t Possible Short of Cutting Off …

Holy smokes, these Evil Dead 2 costumes are off the chainsaw. On the left, we've got Kiersten Essenpreis wearing her DIY hat featuring a detailed replica of the forsaken cabin from the film. On the right, her friend Marc is dressed up as the haunted Necronomicon that causes the film's characters so much trouble. And in … » 10/31/12 11:56am 10/31/12 11:56am

Giant Working Instagram Camera Is This Year's Costume To Beat

Last year a working Nikon DSLR costume wowed us, but with the continued rise of smartphone photography, who wants to wear a clunky dedicated camera this Halloween? Not Eric Micotto, who totally one-ups last year's effort with a working Instagram camera getup. » 10/26/12 8:00pm 10/26/12 8:00pm

Can You Predict What the Most Annoying Tech Halloween Costume Will Be…

There are going to be a ton of contenders for the most annoying Halloween costume this year: Honey Boo Boo and Mama June. PSY. Paul Ryan pumping iron. Binders full of women. You already know. Anything that turns viral or comes close to becoming a meme is going to be a 'creative' costume come Halloween time. What do you … » 10/22/12 11:00pm 10/22/12 11:00pm

The Original Jurassic Park Velociraptor Costume Makes Your Halloween…

Despite hitting theaters almost 20 years ago, Jurassic Park and its ground-breaking special effects still holds up. And if you've yet to find the perfect Halloween outfit for next week, check out this behind-the-scenes look at the velociraptor costumes Stan Winston Studios created for the film. » 10/22/12 10:09am 10/22/12 10:09am