Watch a $50 bill get rubbed off to reveal a $10 bill

If all the numbers say it’s a 50 dollar bill and it feels like a 50 dollar bill... it still might not be a 50 dollar bill. This counterfeit $50 is actually hiding its true self: a 10 dollar bill. And it’s doing a good job too! Since it’s likely that most people’s over trusting eyes would just see the 50 and assume… »8/18/15 11:00pm8/18/15 11:00pm


How the Most Prolific Counterfeiter in America Made His Millions

Welcome to another installment of Reading List where we take a look at some of the the great tech and science reads from around the web. This week we enter the weird world of sweeping, gaze through the lens of ghost cams still haunting the internet, look at why technological limits made Abbey Road Studios so… »11/02/14 5:30pm11/02/14 5:30pm