How the Most Prolific Counterfeiter in America Made His Millions

Welcome to another installment of Reading List where we take a look at some of the the great tech and science reads from around the web. This week we enter the weird world of sweeping, gaze through the lens of ghost cams still haunting the internet, look at why technological limits made Abbey Road Studios so… » 11/02/14 5:30pm 11/02/14 5:30pm

A Counterfeit Ring Behind $77 Million in Fake Bills Finally Got Busted

For years, the Secret Service has been tracking down the legendary "Russian-Israeli Note," one of the most sophisticated and common fake Benjamins ever made. This high-tech international ring was finally busted and indicted this week, thanks to years of good old-fashioned surveillance and legwork. » 8/12/14 4:55pm 8/12/14 4:55pm

The Business Behind Fake Hollywood Money

In late 2000, the producers and crew for action flick Rush Hour 2 gathered at the now-defunct Desert Inn in Las Vegas and prepared to blow up a casino. The scene, which pitted policemen and Secret Service agents against a counterfeiter attempting to launder $100 million in superdollars, was to culminate with… » 7/30/14 3:20pm 7/30/14 3:20pm