Judge Lets NSA Continue Spying on US Citizens

A federal judge in the Northern District of California just ruled that he can't rule in a case accusing the NSA of spying on Americans. This lack of a ruling means the NSA may continue with its activities. But the really disappointing and weird part is how the judge justified his stance. » 2/10/15 7:30pm 2/10/15 7:30pm

Feds Use 18th Century Law to Force Apple to Unlock Encrypted Phones

The Department of Justice is going to absurd lengths in order to unlock encrypted smartphones. It's using a law from the 1700s to force Apple and at least one other company to cooperate with law enforcement officials in investigations dealing with locked, encrypted phones. And the courts, so far, are letting it happen. » 12/01/14 12:23pm 12/01/14 12:23pm

Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal, After All

Despite a recent ruling that it might be unconstitutional, a U.S. judge ruled on Friday that the NSA's telephone surveillance program is in fact legal and does not violate the 4th Amendment. Legality is "ultimately a question of reasonableness," said U.S. District Judge William Pauley. » 12/27/13 12:01pm 12/27/13 12:01pm

Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Spying Is Probably Unconstitutional

A federal judge just ruled the NSA's widespread collection of phone records is most likely unconstitutional and gave the go ahead for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit. And pending appeal, the judge said that the data collection should be halted. Of course, until that appeal goes through, the NSA will continue spying. » 12/16/13 1:34pm 12/16/13 1:34pm

Facebook Likes Are Officially Free Speech, Says US Appeals Court

Good news for you indiscriminate Facebookers. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Facebook likes are protected speech under the First Amendment. Like away. » 9/18/13 12:57pm 9/18/13 12:57pm

Apple Guilty of Price Fixing

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote has found that Apple is guilty of colluding with five book publishers to fix ebook prices artificially high in the iBookstore, thereby forcing Amazon and other online booksellers to do the same. There's no word yet on how much cash money and concessions Apple will have to fork over,… » 7/10/13 9:30am 7/10/13 9:30am

It's Not a Crime to Break a Terms of Service Agreement (So It's Okay to…

We all blindly agree with those much too long Terms of Service Agreements without even reading them, right? So what happens if you like, do something unagreeable with the TOS? According to the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals... nothing. They've ruled that it's not a crime to break a TOS. » 4/12/12 10:03am 4/12/12 10:03am

The Man Who Paid 16 Bucks for a $330,000 House Got Evicted

Kenneth Robinson, an American hero who found a loophole in the system to buy a $330,000 house for 16 bucks, has sadly been evicted from his "house" because Bank of America claimed ownership of the property. Dammit. Does that mean there really aren't any shortcuts in life? » 2/08/12 6:20pm 2/08/12 6:20pm

Judge Says Putting Disgusting Warning Pictures on Cigarette Boxes Is a…

Those disgusting images of holey throats, lumpy lungs, broke ass teeth, etc. that the FDA was planning on plastering on cigarettes to curb smoking? Um, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. A federal judge just said those images were a violation of free speech. Wait what? » 11/08/11 1:20pm 11/08/11 1:20pm

The StingRay Is The Virtually Unknown Device the Government Uses to…

There's a battle going on in the U.S. judicial system over how much freedom the government should have in tracking us. At the center of this debate lies a device called the StingRay. » 9/23/11 4:40pm 9/23/11 4:40pm

Apple Wins Round Two Against Galaxy Tab in German Courts

Rule against the Galaxy Tab for patent infringement once, shame on you. Rule against the Galaxy Tab for patent infringement twice, well, that's when maybe Samsung's screwed for real. In Germany, at least. » 9/09/11 8:16am 9/09/11 8:16am

Apple Filed Misleading Evidence Against Samsung...Again

Just like they tweaked their evidence against Samsung with the Galaxy Tab, it looks like Apple has flubbed evidence regarding the Samsung Galaxy S too. They shrunk the image of the Samsung phone to look like the size of an iPhone, even though it's not. » 8/19/11 12:51pm 8/19/11 12:51pm

Dear Sixth Circuit Court, Spamming and Hacking Aren't the Same Thing

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Appeals recently ruled in favor of a company who claims their computer system was sabotaged by a labor union that told its members emails to their employer about a dispute. But the charge wasn't spamming. It was for hacking. » 8/09/11 5:52pm 8/09/11 5:52pm

Samsung Can't Sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia Because of Apple

Apple has won an agreement that prohibits Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab in Australia. Samsung has stopped advertising the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and won't sell the device in Australia...for now at least. » 8/01/11 10:47am 8/01/11 10:47am

Man Used a Loophole in the Law to Pay 16 Bucks for a $330,000 House

Kenneth Robinson beat the system. We should all be Kenneth Robinson. Kenneth Robinson for President! Kenneth! Kenneth! Why the fuss? Because Robinson found a loophole in the law that let him pay 16 dollars to own a $330,000 house. » 7/21/11 5:01pm 7/21/11 5:01pm

Former RIAA Lobbyist Now Handles File Sharing Cases as a Federal Judge

While many judges around the country are throwing out file sharing lawsuits on account of questionable or faulty arguments, DC federal judge Beryl Howell just recently allowed three cases filed by copyright holders to proceed. What makes it intriguing is that she used to be a former RIAA lobbyist. » 3/28/11 10:40pm 3/28/11 10:40pm

RIM Sues Messenger App Kik For Patent Infringement

Kik, the got-very-popular-very-fast cross-platform messaging app, was booted from BlackBerry's App World because of a breach of "contractual obligations," presumably breaching an obligation not to drive people away from BBM, RIM's own messaging platform which they hold near and dear to their hearts. Now RIM's saying… » 12/01/10 12:08pm 12/01/10 12:08pm

Our Worst Nightmares About the Government Tracking Us Just Came True

It's okay for the government to plant a GPS tracker on the car parked in your driveway, tracking everywhere you go. It doesn't violate your rights, at all—according to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. » 8/26/10 2:07pm 8/26/10 2:07pm

Court Orders File-Sharer to Pay $80,000 Per Song to RIAA

A delusional Minnesota court has ordered Jammie Thomas, wanton criminal Kazaa user, to pay a total of $1.92 million for sharing 24 songs. As my own little protest, I'm going to illegally download Metallica's entire discography. And I hate Metallica. » 6/19/09 1:00am 6/19/09 1:00am

Guy Who Uses Stun Gun on Son to Toughen Him Up Jailed, Unsurprisingly

The father of an 18-month-old child is off to jail for four years after being found guilty of using a stun gun on the boy. His reason for using the 100,000-volt Dragonfire, which resulted in muscle damage to the kid's heart, was because he wanted his son to be "the toughest cage fighter ever." Yeah, the toughest… » 1/30/08 8:40am 1/30/08 8:40am