Is.a.Brella Wine-Bottle Umbrella Doesn't Contain Wine, Sadly

First I thought "ah... what a cute gimmick" about this Is.a.Brella thing, but then I realized the essential cleverness of the design. You're in a rush to get on the train on a rainy day: furl your Is.a.Brella, leap aboard, slide it into the bottle cover keeping it compact and tidy, and stop all those trapped raindrops… »6/12/08 5:59am6/12/08 5:59am

Digital Bath Spout Cover Keeps Kids From Crying About the Bathwater

Instead of manually checking the water with your hands to make sure it's not too warm or cold, just plop on this digital bath spout cover and be done with it. The easy-to-read display shows both the temperature in number form and in color form. Once you get your water just right, dump your child inside and get back to… »4/19/07 10:00pm4/19/07 10:00pm