13 Ways to Smuggle Your Booze

Three day weekends were made for booze, but there's a catch. Baseball games, parks, concerts, and bars: none of them allow you to bring in your own booze. We're not saying you should break the rules and bring clandestine beverages into such locations, but if you wanted to, here are some great ways to do it. » 5/25/12 5:00pm 5/25/12 5:00pm

Jailbroken iPhones Can Surf Privately With Free Cydia App "Covert"

Porn-browsers with jailbroken iPhones who wish to keep their internet habits a secret (yes, it's a niche market, true), have been handed the free "Covert" tool on the Cydia app store, for use with the Mobile Safari browser. » 9/20/10 8:10am 9/20/10 8:10am

System of Proof Brings Phone Tapping to All With Subscription Service

This is one of those press releases that makes you go "Sorry... what?" in disbelief: System of Proof is a service that lets you covertly record a conversation on any phone. It sounds very CIA: dial a special number from the phone, and a distant computer then records the conversation and emails you the final file for… » 8/08/08 8:47am 8/08/08 8:47am