How to make delicious Singapore chilli crab

The hawker stands of Singapore are filled with so much delicious food that you want to eat everything your eyes smell and your nose sees. It overloads the sense and crosses some wires and the dish that might be responsible for doing most of that is Singapore Chilli Crab. The sauce is edible crack and despite the name… »6/13/15 1:03am6/13/15 1:03am

Video of a crab trying to steal a camera is surprisingly funny

I don't know why but I find this video of a crab trying to steal a GoPro camera so funny. I blame the overdose of anime in my young years and my subsequent inclination to anthropomorphize everything in sight. Just look at the little buddy pretending that nothing is going on and then trying to run away with it. »1/06/14 6:35am1/06/14 6:35am

Watch a crab climb out of its old shell like a mutant

Crabs are red alien water tarantulas who regenerate like mutants. Just look at this crab literally climb out of its old shell and toss away that used exoskeleton like it's a dirty pair of pants. So gross but so cool. I kind of wish I could shed skin like this. It'd probably be the most refreshing feeling ever. »11/21/13 7:52pm11/21/13 7:52pm

Bandai Hex Bug Robotic Crab is Just like Real Thing, With Less Pinching

Digging around in beach rock pools for crabs was always fun when I was a kid, though it brought the risk of a nip to your fingers if you weren't careful: not a problem from these robotic crabs. Latest in the Hex Bug line from Bandai, the toys are designed to look, move and behave a little like the real deal. When you… »7/14/08 4:28am7/14/08 4:28am