Man films terrifying ordeal after falling into 70-foot crevasse

Dr. John All was taking snow samples on his own on Mount Himlung—in Nepal's Himalayas—when the glacier broke under his feet. He fell into a 70-foot crevasse and suffered multiple injuries, but he managed to escape using an ice pick, filming himself during an agonizing adventure that lasted six hours. » 5/23/14 9:52pm 5/23/14 9:52pm

How Long It Takes Hackers to Crack Your Password

BusinessWeek says a 6 character password (just letters) can be cracked in just 10 minutes while a 9 character password complete with letters, uppercase, numbers and symbols will take 44,530 years to crack. Take a look at the image to see other comparisons, the first column describes your password, the other columns… » 2/07/11 10:20am 2/07/11 10:20am

Mac App Store Cracked Open for Piracy

The Mac App Store's security has been cracked. This means that, by installing a software called Kickback, you will be able to pirate any applications in the store. However, the crack will not be available until February 2011, according to Dissident: » 1/06/11 7:01pm 1/06/11 7:01pm

First Images of the Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Crack

NASA is now evaluating the external fuel tank crack that caused the cancellation of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch last week. These are the first pictures of the 20-inch fissure, which was the origin of the fuel leak. » 11/09/10 10:20pm 11/09/10 10:20pm

Windows 7 RTM Cracked (What Took So Long?)

I mean, it's been six days since the RTM first leaked on BitTorrent. SIx days! That's like an eternity. At any rate, it is true—Windows 7 RTM Ultimate has already been cracked using a Lenovo OEM product key. » 7/29/09 3:18pm 7/29/09 3:18pm

Fits Any Size Car Seat Crack!

And that, my friends, is how you sell two neoprene strips designed to protect junk from falling under your car seat for $20. Sad trombone effect not included. [BuyDropStop via Wired] » 4/15/09 7:30pm 4/15/09 7:30pm

Get $200 iTunes Store Vouchers for $2.60

Stop being an ass and don't pirate songs and movies. Pirate money and get legal material! Chinese hackers have cracked the algorithm that generates the iTunes Store gift cards: You can get $200 for $2.60. » 3/10/09 12:41pm 3/10/09 12:41pm

Researchers Create Web Skeleton Key With 200 PS3s

Using a cluster of 200 PS3s, an international group of researchers have crafted a "skeleton key" digital certificate that can perfectly impersonate any website on the internet. » 12/30/08 5:40pm 12/30/08 5:40pm

Dogpile on Apple: New Lawsuit Adds Hairline Cracks to List of iPhone 3G…

New Yorker Avi Koschitzki has tossed his own lawsuit in with the rising pile, accusing Apple and AT&T of the usual crimes (lousy 3G reception and speed, lackluster software updates) as well as a newbie: hairline cracks in the iPhone 3G's casing. We've reported on it before » 11/15/08 8:45pm 11/15/08 8:45pm, but this is the first time it's showing up…

Butt-Crack Detector: Plumbers Are So Hot These Days

Instructables posted a guide to creating a plumbers'-crack detector, using a LilyPad Arduino » 10/25/08 9:00am 10/25/08 9:00am controller, a vibrating motor, and a photoresistor to measure how much light is beaming into your crack. When the photoresistor comes uncovered, the motor starts to vibrate, letting you know that your "coin slot" is exposed…

How to Crack a Windows Password With a Live CD

Adam over at Lifehacker has a problem. His wife locks up all his porn on a Windows machine that only she knows the password to. That's why Adam came up with a guide to easily crack a Windows password using the Ophcrack Live CD. » 2/01/07 8:31pm 2/01/07 8:31pm

XBox 360 Cracked? Modchip Finally Here?

The Devil360 team has claimed that they're ready to release a modchip for the Xbox360. What's interesting is that it doesn't rely on the DVD-Drive firmware hack that previous hackers have used to get their 360s to play backups. The team claims that they're still busy working on these features: » 6/07/06 8:45pm 6/07/06 8:45pm