The Gizmodo vs. Deadspin iPhone Repair Contest: If It Ain't Fixed,…

Seems like everyone's carrying around a battle-scarred iPhone 4 these days—after all, they're made of glass. This is news to our jocky sister-site, Deadspin—they're convinced that their jocky readers break their phones worse than the Giz Gang does. Bullshit. » 7/07/11 1:31pm 7/07/11 1:31pm

Asus Helps Your Pirating Including Software Cracker for Free

Asus-makers of inexpensive Eeeverything-is now shipping illegal cracking software to make your computing life even cheaper. According to UK publication PC Pro » 9/18/08 8:54am 9/18/08 8:54am, not only they have accidentally included a piracy tool with their recovery DVD, but they have also put several confidential documents and source code inside.…

AnyDVD HD Is Here, So Start the Blu-ray BD+ DRM Crackin'

Late last year, disc-copying software maker SlySoft claimed they cracked the BD+ DRM protection in Blu-ray discs. They weren't kidding. The newest version of AnyDVD HD strips Blu-ray discs of BD+, allowing you to copy even the most locked-up Blu-ray discs (*cough*Fox*cough*) to your heart's content—assuming the copies… » 3/19/08 4:35pm 3/19/08 4:35pm

Blu-ray Copy Protection Cracked, Disk Copying Software Out by Year's End

Slysoft, the makers of AnyDVD, CloneDVD, and many other disc-copying software apps, have just cracked the Blu-ray BD+ copy protection. This means, if Slysoft's predictions are correct, a commercially-purchasable suite to copy Blu-ray movies will be available by the end of the year. However, Blu-ray blanks—especially… » 10/30/07 2:32pm 10/30/07 2:32pm