Sony's Crackle App Streams Movies and TV Shows to Your iPhone and iPad for Free

Sony just released Crackle, an app that streams full-feature movies and popular TV shows to your iPhone and iPad for free. For free. For free! We're talking popular TV shows like Seinfeld and Married with Children and big time movies like The Da Vinci Code and Stranger Than Fiction straight to your iPhone and iPad.… »4/19/11 11:20am4/19/11 11:20am

Sony Bravia Internet Link Gets YouTube, Panda Sneeze Still Lame in HD

YouTube, Wired.com and Crackle have all added their content to Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, the pricey $300 add-on that streams video to Bravia TVs. This is a major upgrade, as the content previously available through BIVL was thin to say the least. Now you can use that beautiful 1080p set to sift through the… »6/05/08 4:30pm6/05/08 4:30pm