Dogpile on Apple: New Lawsuit Adds Hairline Cracks to List of iPhone 3G Problems

New Yorker Avi Koschitzki has tossed his own lawsuit in with the rising pile, accusing Apple and AT&T of the usual crimes (lousy 3G reception and speed, lackluster software updates) as well as a newbie: hairline cracks in the iPhone 3G's casing. We've reported on it before »11/15/08 8:45pm11/15/08 8:45pm, but this is the first time it's showing up…

Xbox 360 Firmware Hackers Release New Version, Bypasses Ban Checks

The latest shots in the Microsoft vs. Xbox 360 console hacker war have been fired, and this time it's Microsoft who took one in the chest. After banning a bunch of Xbox 360s with modded firmware DVD drives earlier this month, the company's ban checks have just been defeated by a new version of the DVD firmware. »5/30/07 7:30pm5/30/07 7:30pm

Microsoft Vista Hacked, Brute Force Keygen Opens Pandora's Box

Finding the secret keys to the kingdom has become an international sport, and now we're hearing that the mighty product activation for Microsoft Windows Vista has already been compromised. Using a brute force technique of checking 20,000 possibilities an hour, it might take a few days to find a valid product key, but… »3/02/07 9:52am3/02/07 9:52am

HD DVD and Blu-ray Now Completely Hacked, Cracked, Sacked

The guys at the Doom 9 forum are marking February 11, 2007 as the day when digital rights management was defeated on Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. It turns out that cracking the high definition disc formats was much easier than was originally thought. The processing key that can unravel the DRM on all HD DVD and Blu-ray… »2/13/07 11:15am2/13/07 11:15am