Personalized Bobblehead iPhone Holder (Yes, Someone Went There)

What do you get for the Apple lover who has everything? This. You get them this. It's a personalized bobblehead iPhone holder. The subject sends in three different shots of their face, chooses the skin, hair and eye color, and through the magic of...well, we don't know exactly how they're built...a figure arrives that… » 11/05/08 4:30pm 11/05/08 4:30pm

How to Make a Universal Cellphone Cradle: With LEGO, Duh

There really isn't anything you can't build using LEGO. Case in point: Check out this LEGO dock for the Sharp [es] W-ZERO3, a slightly older Japanese smartphone. The builder has cradles for both vertical and horizontal orientations of the phone, and each one has a LEGO man standing guard over it to stare down… » 8/11/07 5:16pm 8/11/07 5:16pm

Samsung's Future Phone Concepts to Mimic the K5

Design-wise, Samsung's K5 MP3 player is spot on, so it's no surprise the company's modeling its future cellphones on the stylish MP3 player. Recent Samsung patents show cellphones with sliding/slanting screens and cradles that let you "stand" your handheld for watching videos or making video calls. It's a simple… » 5/23/07 9:30am 5/23/07 9:30am