You'll Never Hunt For a Tool With Craftsman's Whiteboard Toolbox

Craftsman is eschewing the traditional bright red paint job of its rolling toolboxes for a stark white finish that's actually far more functional. The white paint used on its Limited Edition rolling eight-drawer tool chest is dry erase-friendly, so you can label the drawers as per what's inside, take notes, or make… »3/26/13 5:20pm3/26/13 5:20pm


Craftsman Electric Hammer Automates the Process of Us Never Building Anything

Craftsman thought they had finally cornered the lazy-ass market with their 12V, lithium-rechargeable Hammerhead Auto-Hammer, but they made one fatal mistake: We're way too unindustrious to build anything with or without electronic gizmos to back us up. Still, we can appreciate the design as this miniature jackhammer… »11/13/08 2:50pm11/13/08 2:50pm