How one of the most complicated watches in the world is made

I don't wear a watch and I hate time and yet I'm still so very impressed with the movement of this watch by FP Journe. It's stunning and it is the most complicated watch that FP Journe makes because it's a grande sonniere watch. Which means, it's a complication that is able to audibly chime out the time. » 2/20/15 10:01pm 2/20/15 10:01pm

Seeing a leather belt get hand made is so satisfying

A belt is so simple, it's just fabric that ties together to hold up your pants. But in this video, you see how considered the process of making a leather belt is. Each feature of the belt, whether it be the holes or the rivets or the buckle or the color, is carefully handled and made. I love watching this much… » 12/23/14 9:53pm 12/23/14 9:53pm

The beautiful process of making a Beretta shotgun is hypnotizing

Here's a short film by Ancarani Studio that shows the process of making a Beretta shotgun. It's an artistic take on the process so shots are dolled up and it's not like every Beretta gun comes with its own birth movie but I love seeing how futuristic robots and old fashioned human craftsmanship work together. » 12/15/14 10:22pm 12/15/14 10:22pm

Devoted Carpenter Has Spent His Whole Life Crafting Wooden Boats

Watching carpenter Andy Stewart wield chisels and mallets and planks in the service of boats will make you ache with sadness for the lost craft. But then you hear Stewart talk, and you realize that he's not some sap that history left behind—he's a genius. » 5/02/13 7:10pm 5/02/13 7:10pm

How a Pope's Chalice Is Made

I don't know why I find something so mundane so fascinating but I can't get enough of watching Argentinian silversmith Juan Carlos Pallarols create a chalice for Pope Francis. It's incredible just to see his hands and tools shape what will be the cup for the holiest man in the world. » 3/29/13 9:00pm 3/29/13 9:00pm

How Jack Daniels Still Hand Crafts Every Aging Barrel

In a world where automation and assembly line robots have driven craftsmanship to near extinction, it's nice to see a facility where humans still play an important role in production. Birth of a Barrel is a beautiful look at the factory where Jack Daniels' employees are very much still involved in the creation of… » 9/26/12 1:18pm 9/26/12 1:18pm

The Fiery Beauty of Forging an Hourglass

Australian designer Marc Newson makes hourglasses by hand. He does it with fire and glass and a sculptor's touch. And while the final products—10 and 60 minute timepieces from Ikepod, each filled with countless stainless steel nanoballs—cost more than any of us is able to afford, this intimate look at the process is… » 4/25/11 10:40pm 4/25/11 10:40pm

Britain's Last Glass Eye Maker

There's only one man left in Britain who knows how to make a glass eye. And he does it with such care, such intensity, and such skill, that after watching him work you'll understand why he's a man apart. » 2/03/11 8:20pm 2/03/11 8:20pm

How a Moleskine Notebook Gets Tattooed

What's life like inside the Moleskine factory? Every bit as timeless and beautiful as the notebooks themselves. Here's a scrumptious look at how the debossing process works, deep in the heart of Moleskine. » 1/12/11 9:40pm 1/12/11 9:40pm

Put Your Feet Up on Vintage Circuit Board Furniture

Theo Kamecke sees beauty in the common circuit board, and thinks they deserve a place in homes and galleries. He's created a series of dazzling boxes and chests made from salvaged circuitry—though they may not be for everyone. » 8/27/10 8:43am 8/27/10 8:43am

PC Made of Redwood Gives Us Wood

We've seen PC cases, peripherals, and lots of other electronic devices made of wood before, but this redwood PC case, keyboard, mouse and monitor take the new crown as the best yet. We noticed, too, that the maker of this PC case has taken ventilation into account, with slots on the two visible sides, and probably… » 4/04/07 2:30pm 4/04/07 2:30pm

Handmade Wooden-Skinned Car Is a Craftsman's Masterpiece

The Tryane II is an example of fine craftsmanship by a guy who is aptly named Friend Wood. He spent 2000 hours building the car; a key part of that process involved gluing and stapling together strips of mahogany veneer, and then buffing it to a mirror-like finish. » 3/13/07 2:48pm 3/13/07 2:48pm

Suissa Computers: All-Wood Cases Elevate PCs to the Heirloom Level

Some of us banish our PCs to the basement, running long cables to them and keeping them and their noise away from us, but not Suissa Computers. Canadian designer Howard Suissa elevates the PC and its case to a level that almost resembles worship. » 9/29/06 9:54am 9/29/06 9:54am

What elegant craftsmanship! The PCs look like fine hand-made guitars.…